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 Model:   GZL- 16V                             

Size(mm) :640*620*650mm                                        

 Oil Capacity:44L                                         

Water capacity :28L                                           Voltage:220v/50hz


 Full Tank size ; 44*52*32cm                    

size for water: 27*52*32cm                        

size for oil: 17*52*32cm                                

basket size :38*30*17cm


oil-water mixture, can make the sludge separation more thoroughly,fuel oil reused, saving oil 50%.with waste residue, automatic cleaning is very convenient.Panel equipped with six channels and equipped with advanced timer system and buzzing alarm according to customer's requirement, set Fried time.Energy saving time. oil discharge valve,discharge water-oil simply and safe smokeless enviroment and fresh fied food without carcinogen

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