Griddle /Grill
Bain Marie
potato peeler
Poultry Plucker

¡¡ Weixinli food machinery co.,ltd was established in wenzhou ,zhejiang ,our company specialzes in manufacturing high quality kitchen and catering equipment to be hotels and restaurant industries,such as fryer ,griddle ,electric&gas cooker with oven ,bain-marie,food warmer,noodle cooker ,working table ,popcorn machine and so on with more than 10years of professional experience ,our business covers in domestic and abroaf ,the quality has a special meaning with regard to our customers ,it's our¡­¡­

Hot dog grill CHZ-7
Hot dog grill CHZ-5
Food Cutting machineCHZ-9
waffle maker chz-1
Cone baker WXL-2
Dough mixer A-50
Dough mixer A-30
Noodle maker chz-300
Noodle maker CHZ-110
potato peeler
Gas Steamer CHZ-1G
Waffle Maker CHZ-2
Cone baker WXL-1
Electric Fryer (DZL-45V)
Crepe Maker
Crepe Maker
oil-water mixed gas fryer GZL-16
oil-water mixed Electric fryer DZL-16
popcorn makerCHZ-8A
popcorn makerCHZ-6A
popcorn makerCHZ-6B
gas cooker
shawarmer grill
shawarmer grill
noodle cooker
noodle cooker
donut fryer
donut fryer
hot dog grill
hot dog grill
hot dog grill
food display steamer
gas cooker with oven
gas cooker
sandwich grill
bain-marie SB-6T
bain-marie sb-8t
bain-marie RTC-5H
bain-marie RTC-H
bain-marie RTC-3H
gas griddle GPL-750-2
electric fryer DZL-061V
electric fryer DZL-34V
electric fryer DZL-17V
electric fryer DZL-132V
electric fryer DZL-13V
electric fryer DZL-20V
electric fryer DZL-10V
electric fryer DZL-20B
DZL-10B £¬fryer

Company Name£ºWeixinli Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address£ºmayu industrial .Ruian,Wenzhou ,Zhejiang province ,China
Telephone£º0577¡ª65770171 Fax£º0577¡ª65778761  E-mail£ºYi.Catherine@wxinli.com